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Stephanie's big ol' birthday party, featuring As It Stands, performing their second EP Capolavoro in full!
About the band: We’re an Indie Punk band born from a scientific experiment gone horribly wrong in Newton Abbot, Devon. We started out as a Pop-Punk band three years ago before becoming very bored of the whole four-chord thing, morphing into whatever we are now. We make music to dance, mosh and whitey to, and we’re not happy ‘til you’re happy. We’ve played some shows with Handguns, WSTR and Forever Came Calling, and also toured the UK with the late great Torre Valley, which is pretty dope. Our new singles Bottle Rockets and Bird Song our our best tunes yet (ask our mums) and we hope you’ll give them a chance and bonk them in your playlists! If you see us about or on the road, please buy us drinks, as we’re near enough alcoholics and being in a band is really pissing expensive. Have a banger of a day, peace and love xoxo
FFO: Don Broco, Creeper, Youth Killed It

£4 on the door