Cut Throat Francis are;

Harriet Hayes - Vocals & Percussion
Randolf Morton - Guitar & Vocals
Jonny Staines - Mandolin, Banjo & Vocals
Danny Riches - Bass & Vocals
Susan Moffat - Fiddle (These Last Kind Words) 

Cut Throat Francis are a 4 piece acoustic band that blend together folk, swing as well as some tasty Eastern European influences with an emphasis on having a good ol' knees up.


Here is a link to our band camp where you can hear our E.P. ghosts:

Admission: £5 on the Door

Tickets: £4Adv from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Tel 01179299008

Mentally SKA'd (Alzheimer's Society Fundraiser)


Get over those post Christmas and New Years blue's, and get on your suits and shoe's

A Night of the very best Ska, Reggea, Jungle and DnB

This is a fundraiser event for the Alzheimer's Society, all donations on the door go direct to the Charity.

DJs on the night:-

DEFT RHYTHMS :- Early night Classic Trojan Ska with some two tone busters mixed in.

DJ FAREYE:- Dub Veteran and Ska Souljah will be getting the vibes on lock.

SKANKIN STEVE:- The name says it all, a set to get your body skankin

DJ KIYA :- Delivering Reggae Roots

SHMIKE:- Rasta Vibes out of the Ghetto Blaster

DJ KAMOH:- Picking up the pace with some Ragga Drums and Bass

PULL UP COLLECTIVE :- Ragga Jungle rolling into the late night

REPZY:- Ending the night with the double dropper, knock your socks offer Jump Up Set


So get on your boots, suits, braces and trilbies, The best dressed on the night shall receive shots





Launched into public consciousness by legendary Radio One DJ John Peel in 1982/83, he has spent 35 years touring the world as a self sustaining DIY one man cottage industry, performing well over 3000 gigs in 24 countries and releasing 40 LPs/EPs/CDs and 7 books of poetry. 

He toured East Germany 4 times before the Wall came down and twice more immediately afterwards, was involved in the first ever punk performance in Stalinist Albania and had to turn down playing in North Korea because he was already booked to tour sensible old Canada. He once stood in for Donny Osmond at a gig. He was targeted by fascists during the early Eighties and as well as the physical stuff once had a 10 minute stand up political argument with notorious Nazi band Skrewdriver singer Ian Stuart in the middle of a Black Flag gig at the 100 Club in London's Oxford Street. 

Having got an encore as the support act, he was thrown out of his own gig by the bouncers on the orders of the main act John Cale, one of his all time musical heroes. His support acts - they've included Manic Street Preachers, Julian Clary, New Model Army and Billy Bragg. 

He has led his 'medieval punk' band Barnstormer for 20 years as well as the solo stuff - but he did his first ever punk gig as bass player in Brighton Riot Squad in 1977 in Brighton's legendary Vault, where coffins and skeletons from nineteenth century Huguenot plague victims kept coming through the walls. Running the door at someone else's gig there, he once used a nineteenth century baby's lead coffin as a cashbox. 

Reviewing his first album in the NME, Don Watson said that he would rather gnaw through his own arm than listen to it again! Didn't deter Attila though: that was 32 years ago. Didn't deter New Zealand either: when he arrived for his first tour in 1991 both national TV channels were waiting to greet him at the airport. And when Attila argues with a journalist he knows the score because he is one too, having written for NME, Sounds, Time Out, The Guardian and The Independent among others. He currently does a regular column in the Morning Star. 

This book is social history and personal story combined: a cultural activist's eyewitness journey through the great political battles and movements of recent times. Rock Against Racism/Anti Nazi League/Anti-Fascist Action, Miners' Strike, Wapping dispute, Red Wedge, Poll Tax, campaigns against two Gulf Wars: Attila has been there, done the benefit and worn the T shirt. There are memoirs from all over the UK and mainland Europe and his many tours of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA, and the centrepiece of the book is the story of his time performing all over East Germany as the campaign for democratic socialist change grew: history observed at first hand. 

Back home he had done every Glastonbury Festival since 1983 and organizes his own beer/music extravaganza. Glastonwick, in his native West Sussex. He was at the heart of a 15 year campaign to save his beloved Brighton & Hove Albion FC from oblivion. And he tells of a happy childhood ripped apart by his father's death and, forty years later, of how he and his wife nursed his mother through a 6 year battle with Alzheimer's. 

Above all, though, his message is a simple one: you don't need to be 'a celebrity' to have a wonderful life earning your living doing what you love. You just have to have a way with words, the self-confidence and organizational ability of Napoleon and a skin thicker than the armour of a Chieftain tank. 

Admission: £10 on the Door

Tickets: £9Adv from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Tel 01179299008



Davey Woodward fronted indie bands The Brilliant Corners and The Experimental Pop Band and Karen.. The Winter Orphans are a group of friends realising the potential of his solo songs.

Although grounded in the world of indie pop his work reflects his diverse and eclectic tastes. This includes collaborations with odd German pop outfits Le Hammond Inferno and the Torpedo Boys.

Davey has also played bass for avant guard jazz group Spaceways and his songs have been covered by Pinkie, Soda Stream and Sophie Ellis Bextor. His work has been name checked by The Kaiser Chiefs, The Answering Machine and Irvine Welsh.

Davey’s music was a firm favourite of the late great John Peel and is championed by 6 Music.

£3 on the Door

liv.LIVE presents FAMILY JOOLS + Stereo Kela + Alan Power + HUX

1.Family Jools-01.jpeg

liv.LIVE is touring the U.K with some of the freshest talent around. Our fourth stop is Bristol and we're proud to say there's some of the finest talent from the area on stage.

****Family Jools****
***Stereo Kela***
**Alan Power**

Tickets from DICE at:

liv.LIVE is a brand new platform that helps musicians and venues connect across the UK whilst providing A&R opportunities for artists. In support of Independent Venue Week, we're going on tour and we've got some top names gracing the stages of 5 towns and cities. Make sure you're there.


Brighton - The Prince Albert - 29th Jan
Oxford - The Jericho Tavern - 30th Jan
Reading - Facejar - 31st Jan
Bristol - The Thunderbolt - 1st Feb
London - The Borderline - 10th Feb


After 27 years the Birmingham based cult skiffle cow-punk band Terry and Gerry are reforming for a tour in honour of their biggest fan, the late John Peel. They will be playing all over the country in February/March 2017

BBC disc jockey and avid fan John Peel promoted the band when apparently by chance he picked out their demonstration tape because his wife’s best friends were also known as Terry and Gerry. He thought the coincidence was too great to ignore! The band recorded four critically acclaimed sessions for the John Peel show and got a very fond mention in his autobiography.

In the mid-eighties the four piece band released six singles and one album. ‘From Lubbock to Clintwood East’: Each went to Number One in the indie charts. Reviewing their single on Radio One Morrissey declared ‘I love it!! Don’t know why!!’ The band toured extensively in the UK, Europe and America gathering fans from Joe Strummer of ‘The Clash’ to Shane MacGowan from ‘The Pogues’.

Terry and Gerry regularly appeared on radio and TV, including sessions for ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test’ and ‘The Tube’, they wrote numerous theme tunes for Central TV and were the subject of a 30 minute documentary by the legendary film maker Norman Hull, which aired on British Television in July 1986.

Still as energetic and vibrant as ever they continue to chronicle the lives of the people from the city they love, Birmingham.

Doors Open: 7.30pm Admission:£10 on the Door

Tickets: £9 + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Tel 0117 9299008







TWIN ARROW: Originally formed on the coast of North Devon, Twin Arrow are a Bristol-based, four-piece alternative rock band that fuse melodic guitar lines and multi-textured synths with infectious grooves, resulting in a sound that balances the high octane and the ethereal.

Tickets: £4Adv from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Tel 01179299008

SMALL + The Big However


SMALL: Power Pop Classics! Bristols TOP Clash, Bowie, Wreckless Eric, Peter Bjorn and John, Stooges, Lemonheads, Velvet Underground, Wire, White Stripes, Kings of Convenience, Cure, Breeders, Camper Van Beethoven, Violent Femmes, Elvis tribute act!!!

THE BIG HOWEVER: Featuring cello, bass, mandolin, guitars, clarinet, singers and occasional accordion, the Big However play their own peculiar version of post truth, sub-tonic , underground, melodic, harmonic, lo-fi, folk, indie; attempting to bring to life a small collection of 8 previously unperformed songs written slowly over a 31 year period.

Doors Open: 7.30pm  Admission:£5 on the Door

Tickets: £4 + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Tel 0117


BUGEYE + The Folie


Super sonic power chord punk mash up of Blondie Vs. Pixies - Bugeye are a London 3 piece coming to a live venue near you soon...

If Debbie Harry, Jimi Hendrix, Kate Bush, & Keith Moon had been kidnapped by vegan aliens & bred, sometimes being tortured with hot poky things, in the pursuit of the ultimate rock & roll sound, the result may have sounded a little like this.

Blending cherry-liqueur lyrics, bubblegum-kneecap bass electrics, goth-heavy drum compactions & hi-rise guitar sculptures, maybe one day all music will sound this good. But for now Bugeye stand alone.

Admission: £7 on the Door

Tickets: £6Adv from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Tel 01179299008

THE LIBERATORS + Third Ace + Hollow Trees + Jess & James + Billy Driscoll


THE LIBERATORS: After nearly 3 long years, WE ARE BACK! For our relaunch show the lovely guys down @ The Thunderbolt Bristol have offered to host your boys for a night of rock and most certainly fun. 

Third Ace -influenced by Steel Panther & Guns n Roses
Hollow Trees:Classic Rockers making their Debut Gig !
Jess & James:Duo part of the band Twin Arrow

Billy Driscoll - Great Bristolian singer/song writer –

Admission: £5 on the Door

Tickets: £4Adv from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Tel 01179299008

ALAN CLAYSON AND THE ARGANAUTS + Alien Stash Tin + Kings Of Spain + The Angry Badgers



(Rush Music Records)

Somewhere there is a parallel universe where Clayson and the Argonauts are bigger than The Beatles’ - Rock 'N' Reel

There are people around today who'll tell you the legendary ALAN CLAYSON AND THE ARGONAUTS were the greatest group ever formed – and who will be twitchy with anticipation during the build-up to the unleashing of THIS CANNOT GO ON..., the first non-compilation studio album in over three decades.

You may recall the CLAYSON name from the late 1970s when he was of a vintage of composer-entertainers that also embraced the likes of Wreckless Eric, John Otway, Tom Robinson, Jonathan Richman and Elvis Costello. Moreover, his and the ARGONAUTS’ surreal stage act (‘not so much a performance as an experience' [Village Voice]) defied succinct description – and still does! Indeed, response to CLAYSON recitals on both sides of the Atlantic suggests that he and the group are becoming more than cult celebrities. Indeed, they could be happening again - as they have done already at various points since they first impinged on national consciousness in the late 1970s after being championed by Melody Maker for occupying 'a premier position on rock's Lunatic Fringe’.

If the tour bus had drawn up outside a ballroom on Pluto, it mightn't have seemed all that odd after CLAYSON and his boys starred in a BBC In Concert in the midst of a long run of headlining spectaculars at the Roundhouse, the Marquee, Amsterdam's Melkveg and venues of similar standing round Britain - and sur le continent where a B-side, ‘Landwaster’ (remade for THIS CANNOT GO ON...), penetrated the Top Twenty in Belgium after a radio presenter in the Netherlands started spinning it by mistake.

These first episodes in the saga of ALAN CLAYSON AND THE ARGONAUTS climaxed with 1985's What A Difference A Decade Made album, a critical cause célèbre, earning rave reviews in both Folk Roots (!) and The Observer. That was presumed to be that until Sunset On A Legend, a double-CD retrospective was issued in 2005 – and, twenty years after what was thought to be a final public appearance, the group was very much back in business after, ostensibly, a one-off spectacular at an ultra-trendy West End venue, attended by fans from as far away as France, Holland, Scotland and the USA. Moreover, the proceedings were filmed for release on the DVD, Aetheria: Alan Clayson And The Argonauts In Concert - and, immediately after the dust settled, CLAYSON AND THE ARGONAUTS undertook a still-continuing itinerary – that shows no sign of slowing down - of 'farewell performances' as a ‘tribute band’ to themselves.

Admission: £7 on the Door

Tickets: £6Adv from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Tel 01179299008


SHOUN SHOUN: The wonderful Annete Berlins new band channeling the spirit of Marlene Dietrich and Siouxie Sioux, Shoun Shoun mixes quirky dissonance and drones with interchanging sweet and strong, in-your-face vocals. A truly unique band.

Tickets: £4 + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Tel 0117 9299008

JASON RINGENBERG (Jason and the Scorchers)


The Original Roots Punk Barnstormer

Jason Ringenberg was born and raised on an Illinois hog farm that bordered the Rock Island Line Railroad. He left for Nashville July 4 1981 to pursue his dream of “making a band that could kick American roots music into the modern age!” Little did he know just how far the kick would travel.

He immediately formed Jason and the Scorchers and never looked back. Throughout the 1980’s and 90’s they tore up venues across the planet and became known as one of the most exciting live bands in music. On classic LPs like Fervor and Lost and Found they “singlehandedly rewrote the history of rock ‘n’roll in the South”. -Rolling Stone

Their instinctive ability to combine traditional country music with high energy punk rock has not been surpassed to this day. In 2008 they were awarded the Americana Music Association Lifetime Achievement Award for Performance. There is an exhibit of them in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

But Ringenberg’s story does not stop there. In 1999 the “Godfather of Americana” (Mojo) decided to go solo. He has released five solo cds where his songwriting has been lauded by everyone from the BBC to USA TODAY. Touring the world relentlessly, The Times (UK) called him “one of the most exciting performers of his generation”. So don’t go to his shows expecting to see a sensitive singer-songwriter sitting on a stool. With his acoustic guitar and fearless charisma he will rock the house.

Admission: £10 on the Door

Tickets: £9Adv from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Tel 01179299008



The Vibrators are a British punk rock band that formed in 1976. They were one of the pioneering punk bands that played at London’s Roxy Club. They headlined in January 1977, supported by The Drones. In March 1977 the band supported Iggy Pop on his British tour. Later that year they backed ex-Mott the Hoople frontman Ian Hunter. Now in 2011 the band celebrate THIRTY-FIVE YEARS of making records and touring heavily, in 2010 the band did more than 130 gigs. Get ready for many more years of PURE MANIA!

THE MYSTERY CHORDS: Bristol Punk classics!

POLKA DOT SOCKS: Brash young Bristol pop punk maestros!

Doors Open: 7.30pm  Admission:£8 on the Door

Tickets: £7Adv + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Tel 0117 9299008

Bizzaro Promotions Presents; THE MONOCHROME SET + The Hepburns + Karen

Celebrating 40 years since the band's formation, The Monochrome Set return to The Thunderbolt to promote their forthcoming album due for release in Spring 2018.

Featuring original members Bid (Guitar/Vocals) and Andy Warren (bass) with John Paul Moran (keyboards) and Mike Urban, who was previously in the band in the early 90s, on drums, The Monochrome Set formed in 1978 and were heavily influential in the 'post-punk' scene that evolved after the initial scorched earth of punk. 

The band's early releases were on the legendary Rough Trade Label before signing with Virgin offshoot Din Disc. They also released several albums on the Cherry Red label, making a notable appearance on that labels' well known 'Pillows and Prayers' compilation. 

Though The Monochrome Set split in 1985 the next decade saw several reunions for both live gigs and further studio recordings, their album release count now being well into double figures.

After a hiatus of over a decade the band reformed full time in 2010 and have since toured all over the UK, Europe, Japan and the USA, whilst also releasing four new, critically acclaimed, studio albums, the most recent, 'Cosmonaut', on the German 'Tapete' label in September 2016.

Support from The Hepburns

The Hepburns are a Welsh indie band from Llanelli, Wales. Formed in 1985, they have been signed to Berkeley-based label Radio Khartoum since the 1990s, following a two-year tenure at Cherry Red Records from 1987-1989. They toured the US and Scandinavia in 2007.
Born of the post-punk indie boom of the early-80s, but with their roots in the 1960s, their sound is a curious amalgam of indie guitar pop with Burt Bacharach and Jake Thackray, a style they refer to as ‘Thackarach’.
The Hepburns are due to release their eleventh studio album In the Mean Time on Radio Khartoum in February 2018. The current line-up is: Matt Jones (guitar/vocals); Mike Thomas (bass); Les Mun (drums); Sue Reece (keyboards); and Cris Haines (brass).

KAREN: Karen play songs that have been inspired by The Velvet Underground, The Go Betweens and Leonard Cohen. It's unfussy, heartfelt, quiet and loud. It perhaps takes us back to a time when bands just plugged in, played and enjoyed the moment. They are a 3 piece steeped in indie music heritage. Hugo played in The Heads and Loop. Tom: Secret Shine and The Beatnik Filmstars, Davey: The Experimental Pop Band and The Brilliant Corners.

Admission: £12 on the Door

Tickets: £11Adv + bf from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street Bristol Tel 01179299008

AMY RIGBY with Wreckless Eric

When she was she was thirty-seven, the age most people think it’s about time to grow up and settle down, Amy Rigby did the opposite and released her first solo record Diary Of A Mod Housewife. Diary was a concept album inspired by years of juggling artistic dreams, day jobs and relationships with the added challenge of motherhood. It was an early midlife battle cry complete with manifesto that ended “not…ready…to give in…yet.”

Diary Of A Mod Housewife combined real life lyrics and transcendent melodies with a passionate music fan’s collection of pop, rock and country influences. It was a critical smash and commercial success; voted #8 album in the 1996 Village Voice Pazz & Jop Critics’ Poll and landed Rigby on NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross, noncommercial and college radio and in every major magazine and newspaper in the US. This November, twenty years after its original release, Diary Of A Mod Housewife will be available on vinyl for the first time, and Amy is touring the US and UK to revisit the classics and play new songs from her upcoming solo album due out next year.

Amy grew up listening to AM and FM radio in the suburbs of Pittsburgh and moved to New York City in 1976 to attend Parsons School Of Design. She saw all the bands at CBGB and Max’s, followed the Pop Group and Raincoats to London, and helped start late 70s downtown nightspot Tier 3 with a group of friends. She formed no wave band Stare Kits with Angela Jaeger (Pigbag) and began writing songs, singing harmony and playing guitar in country band Last Roundup with her brother Michael McMahon, putting out one album on Rounder in 1987. Amy’s next band The Shams, post-modern girl group beloved by Richard Hell and Robert Quine, released one album (produced by Patti Smith guitarist Lenny Kaye) on pioneering indie label Matador in 1991 and an EP in 1993. The Shams toured the US, opening for both the Indigo Girls and Urge Overkill (possibly the only group on earth who can make that claim). Amy began playing solo shows and sending out cassettes of an early version of Diary. She worked with producer/guitarist Elliot Easton of The Cars to complete what dean of rock writers Robert Christgau called 1996’s “concept album of the year”.

Since then, she’s appeared on Late Night With Conan O’Brien, Mountain Stage, World Cafe, Whad’Ya Know, BBC 6 Music’s Marc Riley Show and PBS’s Speaking Freely. Amy has been a panelist and performer at CMJ, South by Southwest, Bumbershoot, Lilith Fair, Rockrgrl, Folk Alliance and Southern Festival Of Books conferences, and had her portrait drawn for the New Yorker. She was a staff songwriter for Welk Music in Nashville and has had songs covered by They Might Be Giants’ John Flansburgh, Ronnie Spector, Maria Doyle Kennedy and Laura Cantrell.

Over the past two decades, she’s has toured North America, the UK and Europe and released several more solo albums. She’s also made three albums with her husband, British pop legend Wreckless Eric, who she met while performing his classic 1977 single “Whole Wide World” and reconnected with at a Yo La Tengo Hanukah show years later. Amy’s record "Dancing With Joey Ramone" is a staple of Little Steven’s Underground Garage show on Sirius XM and kitchen sink anthem "Are We Ever Gonna Have Sex Again?" is played in cafes and bars around the world by real life mod housewives and husbands.

"Her whimsical, often autobiographical songs are masterful. Funny and enticing, she is up there with the likes of Paul Simon and Randy Newman.  New York Times

" instant classic." UNCUT

Doors Open: 7.30pm  Admission:£10 on the Door

Tickets: £9 + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Tel 0117 9299008

Bizzaro Promotions Presents; THE CRAVATS + The Folk Devils + Otalgia


Legendary UK post-punk sax-inflected surrealists The Cravats are back with their first new album since the early ‘80s. They were early favorites of legendary BBC DJ John Peel (they recorded four sessions) and released music for beloved UK indie labels like Small Wonder and Crass Records. They sound as madcap, adrenalized and inventive as ever. Nobody sounds quite like The Cravats.

Formed in Redditch, England in 1977, these dada fueled, Jazz-Punk colossals soon became firm John Peel favourites with their unique brand of sax-riddled, bass-laced punk weirdness, doing four sessions for the great man and releasing numerous records on Small Wonder, Crass, Glass and Corpus Christi between 1978 and 1985, as well as, ‘Séance’, a collaborative single with Paul Hartnoll of Orbital in 2006. 

Applauded by such luminaries as Mark E. Smith, Jello Biafra, Steve Albini, Mike Patton and Henry Rollins amongst others, the band reformed in 2009 in order to play select shows in the UK and abroad and have since performed at the UK’s Rebellion Festival five years running, played as special guests of Steve Ignorant at the final Crass - Last Supper show at the O2 Shepherds Bush Empire as well as the Steve Albini-curated ATP, the critically acclaimed Incubate Festival in Holland, the Unpleasant Meeting Festival, Paris and have recently supported Sleaford Mods amongst others. 

After two critically acclaimed 7" singles (“Jingo Bells” & “Blurred”) released in 2016 on Overground Records, the band have recorded a new album (the first in 35 years) called 'Dustbin of Sound' which is released on Sept 29th on all formats through Overground Records. 
The band features founder and vocalist The Shend as well as legendary original Cravats saxman Svor Naan along with Viscount Biscuits on guitar, Joe 91 on bass and Rampton Garstang on drums. Oscillator wiz Simeone Cox of the legendary Silver Apples guests on “Motorcycle Man”. 

The band released two double CD retrospectives in recent years on Overground Records, the 32 track 'Land of The Giants' compilation and the band's first LP from 1978 plus all their Small Wonder singles on the 'The Cravats In Toytown' CD which includes a bonus disc of the original 8-track master tapes re-imagined by legendary Crass mainman Penny Rimbaud. 



Folk Devils made a considerable impact on the UK music scene in the mid-80s with a run of indie chart singles and three John Peel sessions, several of which have been repeated recently by Marc Riley and Gideon Coe on 6 Music.

They recently re-issued their entire recorded output as “Beautiful Monsters” (Singles & Demo Recordings 1984-86) on the boutique label Optic Nerve, which got amazing reviews in the UK press and 4 spins on BBC6 Music. To celebrate the release, the band have done several re-union shows around the UK with like-minded bands The Inca Babies and The Membranes. John Robb from Louder Than War in his review of Preston wrote…

“Folk Devils recently returned with their punk blues sounding fully intact. Even without charismatic frontman Ian Lowery who died a long time back the band are still hypnotic. They know how to strip down the mess of blues and leave plenty of space and dynamic for their seething and tense songs that are full of the colliding riffs switching with the taut build ups that were so much part of that micro scene they ran parallel with of the Gun Club and the Birthday Party. They used to say there were no second acts in rock n roll but the Folk Devils are still further proof that age and experience can make the music even more urgent and vital and their powerful melee sounds more vital and urgent now than it did way back in the day of John Peel”


“Folk Devils gigged (and lived) hard, establishing a fearsome live reputation while sharing stages with Nick Cave and Spacemen 3” – RECORD COLLECTOR
“Folk Devils were a staple of John Peel’s legendary radio show in the mid-80s...twisting ancient blues and rockabilly riffs into hot-wired post-punk” – LOUDER THAN WAR
“Folk Devils took a torn leaf from swamp delta blues and married it to a measured Fall-like frenzy” – VIVE LE ROCK
“This excellent, feral compilation draws together on CD and vinyl their first three singles and B- sides plus eight previously unreleased demos” – UNCUT

Plus - Otalgia
Formed in 1985 as The Mist, became Black Mist and finally Otalgia (the medical term for earache), the 2 headed pop noise merchants from Wales are noise meets C86 twee in a buzzsaw of twisted tunes!

Tickets - £8.00 in advance/£10.00 on the door from

PHIL 'Swill' ODGERS (The Men They Couldnt Hang) & Bobby Valentino (Ex The Bluebells)


Bristol has always been a great city for The Men They Couldn't Hang and now their honey throated singer/songwriter Phil 'Swill' Odgers and renegade violinist Bobby Valentino will be folking your socks off at The Thunderbolt.

Best known as one half of the legendary joint vocal strike force of The Men They Couldn’t Hang, Phil Odgers strikes out promoting his second solo album ‘Roll To The Left’. Sharp songwriting – a journey through kitchen sink realism and social commentary. Phil’s warm melodic voice and rhythmic strumming acoustic guitar take centre stage throughout, aided and abetted by fiddle, double bass and lead guitar in all the right places.

Don’t miss this rare and intimate concert featuring virtuoso fiddler Bobby Valentino.

Admission: £10 on the Door

Tickets: £9Adv from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Tel 01179299008


The DeRellas(X Vibrators) Pogo into Bristol on The "DeRellas A Go Go Tour", ...... One Of The Best Live bands Going... a night of Snot Nosed Reprobate Rock n Roll.. This Is The Only place to be for a Top Thursday Night. 

THE DERELLAS: Slam! Bam! .. reprobate rock n roll sound 'like a rocket-fuelled New York Dolls'.... a Rock n Rolla coaster of a ride....The Sex Pistols and the Ronettes Having a food fight with the Glitter Band + The Upright Sinners (Trashy Rock n Roll At Its Best )

THE SETBACKS:Bath based no frills punk 'n' roll with a hint of metal!

Doors Open: 7.30pm Admission:£5 on the Door

Tickets: £4 + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Tel 0117 9299008
Ticket Link:

IAN PROWSE & AMSTERDAM - 25th Anniversary of Pele's 'Sport Of Kings'

SOK Cover 2.jpg

25th Anniversary of Pele's 'Sport Of Kings'.

2018 will be the 25th anniversary of the 2nd (and final) Pele album 'The Sport Of Kings'. Longer and more expansive than the debut many hard core Pele fans will tell you it's their favourite out of the two Pele studio albums.

Made at Rockfield Studios by legendary producer Jon Kelly (Prefab Sprout, Paul McCartney, Kate Bush, Deacon Blue, The Beautiful South) the album contains classics such as Fat Black Heart, Understanding Sadness & Beside the Fields as well as Don't Worship me & Land of The Free (hits in Holland & Belgium).

Huge live favourites Name & Number and the archetypal Pele showstopper, The Pain of A Drinking Song also feature.

To celebrate the album will be remastered and re-released and a full UK tour undertaken.

Ian and the band will play a classic 1993 Pele set featuring plenty of Sport Of Kings era songs, Fireworks tunes as well as Amsterdam & solo favourites.

Doors Open: 7.45pm Admission:£10 on the Door

Tickets: £9 + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Tel 0117 9299008




Wreckless Eric is Eric Goulden. He was given the name to hide behind. After a while he realised he was stuck with it. Onstage he hides behind nothing, he tells the truth with big open chords, squalls of feedback, lilting enchantment, bizarre stories and backchat.

Nothing Eric has to say sounds like it was said by someone else first. Some people can’t take it. Thirty seven years of touring have left him in good shape. He’s coming to town.

His new album “amERICa” out now on Fire Records is enjoying universal acclaim

One of the greatest songwriters ever to come out of Great Britain Marc Riley BBC 6 MUSIC

amERICa is that rare record. Goulden is grownup, with all of the stereotypical benefits: an air of wisdom, emotional texture, and, perhaps most cliché of all, a seasoned voice. amERICa isn’t complacent or satisfied; Wreckless Eric anatomizes his surroundings with the wide-eyed thrill of discovery. His American flyover reveals simmering cultural disturbances and essential beauty alikePitchfork

Wreckless Eric has always been a pop musician. That is, he writes melodies with hooks in the chorus and fills his verses with quick, vivid details aimed to make you nod your head in recognition. The precise nostalgia and wry yearning he brings to this slice of autobiography rings true, funny and poignant. Ken Tucker, NPR/Fresh Air

Doors Open: 7.30pm Admission:£12 on the Door

Tickets: £10 + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Tel 0117 9299008