** THE SOFT FRUITS** Piece groovy punk from Bristol

*CORMORANTS*Cormorants are Ellen Morgan and Wolfgang Küchler. Brought together by the harbour, we played our first gig in the spring of 2017. We carry a flame for old school new wave songs, we hope with a bit of punch. Songs about prams, being in the stocks, and a lot of counting. Wolf plays a Sigma dreadnought with plenty of bottom, Ellen (“powerhouse”) a lush Les Paul or her beautiful Hagström to add colour and excitement. Both of us sing, in our own fashion.

*GUM SOUL* Based in Bath, Gum Soul take inspiration from the likes of Drenge and Ty Segall, morphing the presence of 90s grunge with an alternative indie twist. Promoting their up and coming release of 'Two Track Timer', Gum Soul are worth keeping an eye on.

*COMPACT PUSSYCATS* Hot off the presses at the alternative indie dance factory, COMPACT PUSSYCAT's music is the kind that puts on a shirt and tie, realises the rest of the suit is in the wash but goes to the party anyway. 


£5Adv £6 on the door