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Somewhere there is a parallel universe where Clayson and the Argonauts are bigger than The Beatles’ - Rock 'N' Reel

There are people around today who'll tell you the legendary ALAN CLAYSON AND THE ARGONAUTS were the greatest group ever formed – and who will be twitchy with anticipation during the build-up to the unleashing of THIS CANNOT GO ON..., the first non-compilation studio album in over three decades.

You may recall the CLAYSON name from the late 1970s when he was of a vintage of composer-entertainers that also embraced the likes of Wreckless Eric, John Otway, Tom Robinson, Jonathan Richman and Elvis Costello. Moreover, his and the ARGONAUTS’ surreal stage act (‘not so much a performance as an experience' [Village Voice]) defied succinct description – and still does! Indeed, response to CLAYSON recitals on both sides of the Atlantic suggests that he and the group are becoming more than cult celebrities. Indeed, they could be happening again - as they have done already at various points since they first impinged on national consciousness in the late 1970s after being championed by Melody Maker for occupying 'a premier position on rock's Lunatic Fringe’.

If the tour bus had drawn up outside a ballroom on Pluto, it mightn't have seemed all that odd after CLAYSON and his boys starred in a BBC In Concert in the midst of a long run of headlining spectaculars at the Roundhouse, the Marquee, Amsterdam's Melkveg and venues of similar standing round Britain - and sur le continent where a B-side, ‘Landwaster’ (remade for THIS CANNOT GO ON...), penetrated the Top Twenty in Belgium after a radio presenter in the Netherlands started spinning it by mistake.

These first episodes in the saga of ALAN CLAYSON AND THE ARGONAUTS climaxed with 1985's What A Difference A Decade Made album, a critical cause célèbre, earning rave reviews in both Folk Roots (!) and The Observer. That was presumed to be that until Sunset On A Legend, a double-CD retrospective was issued in 2005 – and, twenty years after what was thought to be a final public appearance, the group was very much back in business after, ostensibly, a one-off spectacular at an ultra-trendy West End venue, attended by fans from as far away as France, Holland, Scotland and the USA. Moreover, the proceedings were filmed for release on the DVD, Aetheria: Alan Clayson And The Argonauts In Concert - and, immediately after the dust settled, CLAYSON AND THE ARGONAUTS undertook a still-continuing itinerary – that shows no sign of slowing down - of 'farewell performances' as a ‘tribute band’ to themselves.

ALIEN STASH TIN: Formed in Sept 2002 in Bristol, UK. Since there have have been a fair few line up changes and anendless stream of gigs that have included numerous UK festival appearances (including Respect in the West 2003, Guildfest 08, Corris Fest 2010 and The Bulldog Bash 2012) and support slots with the likes of Dumpys Rusty Nuts, Bad Manners, Hawklords, Rita Lynch and Diamond Head .

THE REAL KINGS OF SPAIN:An exciting new project experimenting with spoken word, samples and traditional instrumentation from Doc Satori and QJB.

Exploring the dark side of the soul, the depths of the psyche and having a bit of laugh in the process. Political, polemic and polymorphous are just some of the words beginning with pol that we know ....

Inspired by the production techniques of Eno, Byrne and Public Enemy plus work such as An American Prayer (The Doors) and Gogol who knows what will emerge ... certainly not us ...

THE ANGRY BADGERS:Musical influences include Radiohead, The Pineapple Thief, Lou Reed and Queens of the Stone Age. These are drawn together with hard hitting lyrics, in a soundscape of guitar riffs, synths and rhythm. The Badger sound, that is best described as alternative psychedelic post-prog industrial rock!

Admission: £7 on the Door

Tickets: £6Adv from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Tel 01179299008