Miss Kill First EP Launch

Two killer sisters with innocent young minds, morph into a dark, moody 90s grunge persona whenever you see them. They create provoking songs as well as being soulful, with added melodic and raw feels. They aim to be an eye-opener to their audience and are cooler than you'll ever be. They hint at personal aspects within their songs as well as spewing out the heavy explicit sing alongs that you can dive right into.
Influences: Nirvana, Placebo, Pearl Jam, The Vines, Hole, The Subways and many more...


With support from Deep Sea Thieves

Bristol based rock trio Deep Sea Thieves bring a mix of punchy, hard-hitting riffs and dreamy undertones.


The Respites

Former Pocket Trees frontman LJ and ex Towers Of London/The Prodigy/Sham 69 drummer Snell bring together their infusion of grunge/rock and metal dietary requirements to satisfy all of your brown note, low end, downtuned desert rock, grunge riffing sludgery needs.

Loud bits, quiet bits, very loud bits, very quiet bits, heavy guitars and crashing drums meet crashing guitars and heavy drums.

Deftones meets Soundgarden meets Sepultura meets Nirvana meets Kyuss meets QOTSA down a dark alley while stray cats look on and caress their whiskers in veiled approval and tramps urinate themselves excitedly in grunge glee.


Grandmas House

Bristol based surfy post punk 3 piece.


Tickets £4
£5 OTD
(Message one of the bands to be on their personal cheap list)