£6 OTD £5 ADV  7pm

Small Pond, Big Fish

Small Pond Big Fish is a female-fronted alternative rock band based in London. Having spent years crafting their sound, the band have progressed from pop-punk origins to a refined plain of concentrated narratives, sharp instrumentation and powerful vocals. With a new EP on the horizon, Small Pond Big Fish are a group you certainly don't want to miss.


False flags

False Flags are a brand new four-piece rock band from Gloucestershire UK, playing their own music. They make a sound which blends The Who, QOTSA, Iron Maiden, Manics and, most of all, themselves into a heady, original brew fit for parched music lovers everywhere. They have spent the last five months in a darkened rehearsal studio, perfecting the mix, and will emerge, blinking in the light and only slightly confused, to serve up the very first batch at The Thunderbolt on July 13th.


Bio: Gruff alternative punk with a keen melodic edge, drawing from a wide palette of influences. All played really loud.


5 Piece progressive/hard rock band based in Bristol


PeterPan Syndrome are a 3 piece Pop Punk/American Pie-Core band from Bristol, England. With the pounding rhythms of Rowan Derverson, sick guitar riffs of Adam Brunt, and the delicate vocals and funky basslines of Billy Glanville, they're bringing some old school girl-oriented Pop Punk to the present day music scene, to smack a smile on your face!


5 Piece progressive/hard rock band based in Bristol