THE REAL KINGS OF SPAIN: QJB and Doc Satori, aka The Real King(s) of Spain, are an experimental art rock  band who incorporate electronic, traditional instrumentation, spoken word, sample, internet-download and political elements into their sound both in the studio and live. Their album, The Future of Mass Hysteria, is a rich and textured recording that explores the pain, anger, fury, injustice, hallucinatory bliss, hope and intoxication of the human spirit.  The live band features: Chris Hales (keyboards), Stuart Chalmers (Drums), Doc Satori (vocals/percussion/keyboards), QJB (vocals/bass/guitars/keyboards), Len Liechti (bass and electric guitars, vocals), Luis Maria Cebrian Eroles (keyboards). Their set will be filmed and recorded for a future release!

Online they can be found on Youtube and and

THE ANGRY BADGERS4 piece who play their own brand of psychedelic post-progressive rock. The band draws its inspiration from a number of diverse influences including Pineapple Thief, The Nine Inch Nails and Lou Reed. A typical "Badger" set consists of lively thought provoking rock songs, linked together with atmospheric sound-scapes

OLLIE SHARP BAND: Singer Songwriter from Bath: bringing together: 
a unique blend of funk musicality with pop rock and acoustic melodies to create fun and catchy songs that please a crowd. Now accompanied live by his band consisting of
Louis Squire on Guitar  Alba Hubbard on Keys Jack Coles on Bass
& James Grey on Drums. He play's tunes he's written new and old all whilst putting different spins on tunes you already love. 

"I play things because I get bored some people like those things , some people hate them. But the best part is I don't care either way"

STEREO KELA: New and exciting 2 piece female vocal-driven electro/ pop act now based in Bristol. The duo consists of vocalist    and composer, Raquel Peralta and producer, Josh Childs. Their sound is  multifaceted, with tips of the cap to House, DnB, Garage, Trance, Trip hop, Reggae  and Swing, making for a roller coaster of a live experience. Raquel’s lyrical content is  often deeply philosophical and metaphysical in nature, more often than not  documenting key evolutionary moments in their  collective spiritual journey. Stereo  Kela is not restricted by genre or trend, their  music is simply intended to bring you  an unbounded, exciting sunrise of electronic  musical eccentricity.

 “If there’s no dancing at the revolution, I’m not going.” – Emma Goldman

1st Band on 7.45pm

Doors Open: 7.30pm  Admission:£5 on the Door

Tickets: £4Adv + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Tel 0117 92990086