LITTLE TRIGGERS//The Belishas//Underground Frets// The Fumes

A brand new band moulded in Liverpool & primed to bring their infectious brew to the world. With influences from Howlin Wolf to the Hives, Little Triggers pump glorious life into their self-penned stories of inebriation, lust and teenage angst. Little Triggers are: Rob Johnson on guitar & vocals, Mikey Jones on bass & vocals, Jalen Ngonda on keyboards & vocals, Sam Gallacher on drums & vocals and Tom Hamilton on lead vocals, guitar & harmonica.

This is a real rock & roll band with a live set that bristles with intensity and passion. Feeding off the crowd they pump out their tunes with huge energy. And what tunes! Full of great hooks and singalong choruses perfect for a festival crowd or intimate club. The band has now recorded an album’s worth of their own material with several obvious candidates for a single release.


THE BELISHAS: Bristol based Power Pop band. Described as "having a significant future in the music industry" - indiekiddie blog.

UNDERGROUND FRETS: Bristol Indie/Rock/Britpop

THE FUMES: Bristol based Garage Rock 

Doors Open: 7.30pm Admission:£6 on the Door

Tickets: £5 + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Tel 0117 9299008