There is a current of old world boldness and modern angst captured in the music of Blitzkrieg City and that energy, as embodied in their debut radio single ‘Another Broken Day’ has got listeners enthralled. It's time the world learned more about this intriguing alternative hard rock group."

"Some artists try to scale their way to the top of the music industry by personal flamboyance (or inscrutability). Others work the business like hardened politicians and hope that money and fame will redeem whatever compromises are made along the way. But a very few can do it by a golden amalgamation of originality, musicianship and talent. Blitzkrieg City is such a group. Hailing from South Bristol, Blitzkrieg City has been fast attracting recognition and honors, and one recent critic's account of their award-winning work probably explains why: ‘‘Another Broken Day’ starts off sweet and innocently enough, but soon the other instruments blast in at full throttle and the song takes off into the stratosphere in a dazzling display of musicianship and spirit.’ You can hear the authenticity in every chord and verse of their new alternative hard rock single, which undoubtedly explains its rapid ascent up the charts. Independent reporter Lily Clark recently caught up with Blitzkrieg City to talk about their history, musical influences and exciting plans for the future."  - Lily Clark, Marquix Global Network

Here we have three young men producing what has been described as an ‘INDIE - PUNK - ROCK mash-up’ of songs delivered with loads of energy which they take to the stage to create momentous live shows.

Danny Pugh is the guitarist and songwriter with looks, attitude and a touch of that London - Paris - New York feel reminiscent of the Ramones and Debbie Harry days which lend a clue to some of his musical influences along with Weller, Pete Doherty, Lindsay Buckingham, Tom DeLonge and many more...

Drummer Jordan Andrews is a class act delivering power and strong rhythm to every song; taking the music to its height and then further. He has the energy of a 60's drug fueled maniac incredibly intense! His influence of Keith Moon shows.

Bass player James Moore plays with ultimate control so neat, staying locked in with the drum beat; making room for the freedom of the guitar to flow so elegantly over the top of his pumping ‘in your face’ bass lines. Now and then tends to dive into a unique yet catchy run down of powerful bass fills! Taking the lead vocals on some songs, Moore's influence of Dallas Green creates cutting edge harmonies with Pugh's more raw voice.

A tight 3-piece rather like The Jam were in ’79 tearing up the City! They carve out their mix of music with a staccato chant but also a rhythm that gets you moving - a sound both ska lovers and punks will like - which might seem an odd mix but when you first hear ‘Another Broken Day’ know the songs are written from Pugh’s experiences of city life and love. How they make the music they do with just three of them is testimony to their skills as musicians and down to the intense performance delivered at every gig.

Doors Open: 7.30pm  Admission:£5 on the Door

Tickets: £4Adv + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Tel 0117 9299008