The Feminists

Berlin girls THE FEMINISTS, whose instruments have been dancing on stage since 2010, are Samantha Fuchs, Judith The Tongue, Doc Toa Tranny, MisGyver, Holli Bastard and Monique-Sabine von und zu Pößneck, and their mothership is set on course and flying at warp speed to Rock n Roll Street. This mysterious troupe, with a documented penchant for sweet dresses and subtle make-up, show not only skin and sweat, but also an electrical stage presence. With the unique Samantha Fuchs as frontwoman, the force of the band is irresistible.
Once the rythm machine fires up, the sweating, dance-crazed frenzy is guaranteed both on and in front of the stage. With their kleptomanic approach to genres, taking in hard 70's rock to garage, punk, gypsy, and even reggae, like five bands in one, THE FEMINISTS leap over musical boundaries with style and aplomb. Pair this with musicians who know their instruments intimately, and the desire to literally pound the groove into your ear, and you have a MUST SEE live act. With the release of their first LP 'HUNGRY FOR LOVE' the girls set the controls for Planet Earth, to liberate us from the gloom of everyday life with the power of unbridled ROCK!



Synthetica Battle-Of-The-Bands 2015 winners MYST are a Bristol based Hard Rock/Stoner Metal four piece. MYST are comprised of a mix of discordant metal and blues influenced guitar, progressive bass lines, blues-rock vocals, and funk-tinged, groove-packed drums.

Cosmonaut and Creature
"We're Cosmonaut and Creature, Spacepunk band. Bass taken from the thunders of Jupiter’s depths, vocals screaming their way in from some faraway frozen moon, guitars sharp as a comet and a drum kit built from the rubble of a thousand dead suns…..the Creature is alive…"

The Backhand Jags
"The saviours of modern rock " NME
"Incredible live" The Guardian
"Perfect Hipster Music 10/10" Crack

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