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With line up changes and a new EP release expect fireworks on this tour as they perform
with pure momentum and restless energy throughout the set.

Five-piece alternative indie rockers with a powerful sound that will make the walls vibrate. When you hear tracks like 'Rip Me Apart' and 'Cease & Resist' it will almost feel as if you're in a dark energetic storm spiralling through raw emotion.

In early 2015 the German band released a split 7” with the US band Mos Generator and hit the road again - smashing their grungy fuzzy tunes at festivals, clubshows and support tours.
In June 2016 the band selfreleased their second album "Boring Nation" and are now back with a bunch of raw new material!

⚡️☠⚡️ DOORS 19:00 ⚡️☠⚡️
⚡️☠⚡️ AGE 14+ ⚡️☠⚡️
⚡️☠⚡️ TICKETS £5 ⚡️☠⚡️
⚡️☠⚡️ TICKET LINK: ⚡️☠⚡️