THE AFTER HOURS: The After Hours are an upbeat jazzy, folky, country 6 piece band with harmony, melancholy and hopefully. Having completed a 5 track EP and with a bunch of new songs in hand expect a night rich in diverse styles of song writing and musicianship. Male and female vocals collide beautifully over catchy melodies as the band fuse there many influences that give The After Hours there unique, interesting and fun sound.

LONG FOR THE COAST:With a combination of sincere lyrics and beautiful harmonies, Long For The Coast are an acoustic folk-punk duo hailing from Bristol, UK. Inspired by artists such as Against Me, Sufjan Stevens and The Gaslight Anthem, they sing songs about the state of the world, social change and close friends lost and found.

Jamie and Sophie met at Glastonbury Festival in 2013, fell madly in love and started writing songs together. Over the last two years, LFTC have hosted and played at DIY shows in the back of warehouses, behind bakeries and anywhere that people might listen. Scatty, endearing and fiercely hopeful, the music they make portrays a great love for re-building community in a society that pulls us apart.Long For The Coast are signed to PAK JOI Records.

TREMOLO GHOST: Bristol Lo-Fi, indi Alternative Folksters