Hohoho and merry christmas to you all! On Friday 4 December The Lasting Days will be playing at the Thunderbolt..we are making this our christmas party and are going to have a whole evening of bands and DJs after. There will be prizes to be given and you may even get to sit on Santas knee ;-). We hope you can join us for what promises to be a fun evening x


Since 2008 the Lasting Days have wowed audiences with their high energy performances and their unique blend of americana-influenced indie rock. 2015 also saw their third release - We Simplify. The album’s title track, showcases the band’s variety, combining the distinctive homegrown charm of previous release October, looking South with a fuller, more richly textured sound. Elsewhere on the record listeners can expect emotive harmony through the narrative Speak easy to the intimate violin exposition Come round (I’ll put some records on).


Major Strop and Colonel Sanders, jointly The Major Strop Experience, are your new favourite noise merchants, combining cabaret with nonsense and shaking it up with the pepper grinder of punk pop to give you a ringing in the ear that won't leave you for a week


Tales of revenge, lost love and witch hunts wrapped up in sweet melodies that blend twisted folk with Reid's grizzled Scottish vocal gruff, an English nightingale and banjo laden stomping to give them a dark and brooding intoxication.

+ DJs till late