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The Band Of Holy Joy 2018 model is a sleek beat outfit that owes as much to Indie music in the proper sense of Indie as it does to the Brechtian connotations of past Band Of Holy Joy incarnations. They have lineage but never dwell on it preferring to forge forward. They have a history too but never let it drag them back. For the past few years they have been quietly growing and gestating and now they have emerged fully reborn with renewed purpose of sound and vision. They have signed to Tiny Global (which is probably the best label in the world at this present moment in time in terms of roster and vision and general empathic discernment towards both band and listener) and have just released an album FUNAMBULIST WE LOVE YOU. They are a six piece of drums, bass, guitar, visuals, sixties organ and vocals, I couldn’t tell you who they sound like, but they love The Subway Sect, The Jefferson Airplane, Mary J Blige, Gray, Funkadelic and the like, and when they play they possess the stage and make a beautiful racket, tell passionate tales and fill the room with light and wonder, they seem to be on a mission of some sort, a mission of intent and possibilities, of old punk sensibilities honoured, and glamour in age portrayed. On a Friday night they put out a radio show called BAD PUNK which has nothing to do with any kind of new wave but is a beautiful strange mix of soundscape and poetry, very arch, sometimes a bit too sensitive, but on the stage, they are a different beast, on stage they blow and howl, they make musical bows to Funk and Soul at times and are wont to throw the odd Vincent Gallo cover version in to their set. Classically minded songs suddenly billow out into intense noise work-outs. They are quite traditional in set up but oh how the lyrics reflect these wyrd modern times we live in. That’s all I can say really, other than forget old notions of what you think Holy Joy may or may not have been, whether they were any good or just terminally bad, if you like crooked style and sentient smiles, if you see the beautiful in the ugly or the happy in the sad still and just love a band intent on playing a great strange different kind of song come and see this band. 

Bristol-based duo The Twelve Hour Foundation mix elements of musique concrète, 1970s library music, early electronic pop, and the Radiophonic work of John Baker and Paddy Kingsland.

The majority of their tracks are built using a pair of 40-year-old synthesizers, mixed with treated field recordings and sounds created from samples of household objects: plastic tubing, bottles, corks, a wire draining rack, electrical appliances and the human body.

Their first album - The Lighter Side of Concrete - received great reviews and airplay by the likes of Stuart Maconie (The Freak Zone), Gareth Moses (More Than Human), Pete Wiggs (The Séance / Saint Etienne), Belbury Parish Magazine (Ghost Box Records) and the Project Moonbase podcast. It also featured as a Ghost Box ‘guest’ release.
Having created jingles for Project Moonbase and Glasgow’s pop-up art station Radiophrenia in 2015, The Twelve Hour Foundation released a handful of EPs and album tracks on the Disques Boum, Environmental Studies and Buried Treasure labels, moving to Castles in Space in 2018.

Live shows have included Supernormal Festival 2015, The Delaware Road (Reading) slots with Go Kart Mozart, Happy Meals, The Space Lady, Momus, Leafcutter John and many more, in addition to a tour of Scotland supporting screenings of Matt Hulse’s feature film Dummy Jim, to which the band contributed incidental music.

The duo's forthcoming album - tree little milk egg book and other non sequiturs - is due for release by Castles in Space on 3rd August.

Steve Bush and Fran Fey, have been writing, recording and gigging together for well over a decade now. Their first album, ‘Row of Ashes', was released in November 2008, with the follow up, ´Earl Grey and Leather´ released in November 2016. Steve Bush first stepped out in Bristol with Essential Bop - one of the city´s seminal new wave bands. His reputation for intense stage performances and acerbic lyrics has not diminished since. In 2001, after many years in London, Steve – having just returned to Bristol - released the acclaimed ´Blossom Freak´ album. Fran hails from Wales. Proficient on guitar, mandolin, zither and ukulele, Fran has played all over the world, including jamming with Arab Musicians in Kuwait and playing echoing space music atop the Himalayas.

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