CHANG is a genre confused collective of mad folk, bound by thelove of Punk, driven by the desire to shake ya nan’s moustache off.
The foul brain fart materialized in founder Franki, born in Essex and bored of the health and safety sterilised bull s everyone else is offering, he recruited The Little Fin AKA
Alex to reclaim the throne as the true Queen of PUNK, together, the mission ahead wild, scary and bloody fun they discovered Brady.By mightily bringing the low end Grunt alongside the emphatic duo the beating heart of CHANG began, smashing and
screaming the tunes that appeared in Franki’s slightly disturbing mind,due to the sheer velocity of its being, only the one known as Oli could step behind the tubs to complete
the package.

THE COMPACT PUSSYCAT: Hot off the presses at the alternative indie dance factory, COMPACT PUSSYCAT's music is the kind that puts on a shirt and tie, realises the rest of the suit is in the wash but goes to the party anyway. 

A group of four smart-casual guys. It is agreed by many that the 'Cat delivers bombastic grooves reminiscent of Queens of The Stone Age blended with Courtney Barnett's lazy chords and seasoned with the blunt self-awareness of Car Seat Headrest. 

When the Pussycat hits the stage, you won't see a single soul whose toes won't tap and hips don't wiggle. The energy that these four put out on stage is nothing short of an epidemic and no-one is safe from infection.

CUT THROAT FRANCIS:Formed in the summer of 2017, Cut Throat Francis are a four-piece Folk band combining Swing and upbeat Eastern European flavours.
They are also known for the array of instruments they bring to their live show including The Banjo, Mandolin and Melodica as well as rich four-part harmonies and a thumping beat from the Cajon!

WEISENHEIMER:3 piece from Herefordshire who play garage rock.

MIRAGES: Mirages are an alternative rock band from Gloucestershire, who blend grungy rock with layers of groove and hard hitting riffs. After playing in a number of heavier bands and different genres, the 4 members decided they wanted to write something fresh and different, but with a accessible energy that could be enjoyed by a wider variety of people. They formed Mirages in November of 2017 and have worked hard to create a set full of intricate yet catchy tunes, commanding an effective presence onstage, and influenced by bands such as Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Queens of the Stone Age, and Arctic Monkeys. They recorded their debut E.P in early May, and are ready to release their first single in mid July.

£5Adv £6 on the Door