Following the break-up of Strawberry Switchblade at the end of the 80s, Rose McDowall embarked on a celebrated career in the post-industrial music scene. A member of Current 93 during their purple patch and a guest on records by artists as diverse as Psychic TV, Felt, Coil and Nurse with Wound, McDowall’s status as the unofficial queen and muse of the underground is well deserved.

After the recording of several demos which resulted in the ‘Cut With The Cake Knife’ album (Night School/Sacred Bones, 2015), McDowall formed Sorrow to further explore her interest in psychedelic, folk music. Considerably darker in tone than Strawberry Switchblade, but still resplendent in McDowall’s angelic, heartfelt vocal, ‘Under the Yew Possessed’ is a cult album that belies a classic pop song writing sensibility. Issued in a limited gold vinyl edition for Record Store Day 2018, ‘Under the Yew Possessed’ enjoys a full Night School reissue later this year (August) followed swiftly by ‘Gem’(October) a new album of recordings with Canadian musician Shawn Pinchbeck.

Now working with a new live band comprising of several members of Scotland’s ever burgeoning music scene featuring Russel Burn ex of Fire Engines/WIN/Spectorbullets and Jeremy Thoms ex of Revillos/Strawberry Tarts and currently The Cathode Ray amongst them.
Rose will be playing select dates in the UK and Europe in October.

Support - NEW HAUNTS

New Haunts is a vocal/electronic solo project from Bristol, UK which contrasts the jarring with the serene. Combining elements of post-punk, early industrial, goth and synthpop with soft ambient synths, arresting yet melodic vocals, discordance and mechanical beats, the result is a hypnotic rush of darkwave summoned against a hard-hitting and eclectic rhythmic backdrop. Her debut album Worlds Left Behind was released in May 2018.

“For us one of the best albums in the genre for a long time. Listen in, let yourself be enchanted.” - Dark Life Experience

"That monster of a synth bass line instantly grabs you and drags you to the stake while tribal drums put you in a trance. “Waves” by New Haunts doesn't take any prisoners but puts you in the midst of an electronic fire ritual. Above you the high priestess calls for the gods to accept your sacrifice with the most intense vocals" - Rule Of Three

"A great example of darkwave that's both emotional and experimental" - Peek-A-Boo Magazine


Dead Space Chamber Music, are a dark ambient / ritual / gothic / ethereal / neoclassical trio of cello, guitar and voice, based in Bristol, UK. 
Taking the focused intensity of ‘chamber music’, they expand on it to create a deeply atmospheric sound. Pieces move between shimmering veils of fine textured sound, to heavily saturated effect-laden drones incorporating finely crafted treatments, often infused with vocal field-recording based sound-scapes.
OEIRA E.P. (March 2018)

Tickets £8.50 in advance/£10.00 on the door