POMPADOUR: High energy indie rock band born in Bristol. Combining growling guitar solos, thunderous drums and melodies that seep into your brain, they are a band you certainly won’t forget anytime soon. Inspired by bands from Guns N’ Roses to Royal Blood, Pompadour is a crazy little lovechild of a wide variety of genres and bands.

CS FLY: Bristol three-piece playing soulful rock'n'roll with killer grooves.

THE LOVE HANDLES: Perpetual indie with a scruffy haircut.

THE PROXY YOUTH: “The current generation has been described as “apathetic, confused, frustrated and angry”. There has been so much going on in these recent years, not enough bands are coming out to speak their mind and talk about it. This is where new exciting rockers, The Proxy Youth come in. 

Formed at the end of 2017, The band have exploded into their music scene with their call to arms anthems focusing on the socially relevant issues of today’s youth, combining their own blend of punk rock, grunge and rock and roll, The group’s well known songs “Broken Britain”, “Teenage Angst” and “We Wanted More” are already gaining the hearts and minds of today’s disaffected kids and it’s not set to stop there! Make no mistake, this is the band of the future.”

£5Adv  £6 on the Door