Hamartia are a melodic Alternative Rock band from Cornwall, now relocated in Bristol. The group exude originality through fearless energy, and driving melodies to keep listeners on their toes. 
Inspired by bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, Underoath, Paramore and Lower Than Atlantis, the aim is to mould the aggressive, biting chord progressions with intricately soaring vocal melodies and the occasional vivid synth wizardry. Thunderous drum grooves and forthright basslines pull this all together to create a uniquely visceral sound. 
Having played prestigious venues such as Falmouth’s 'Princess Pavilion' and more recently Bristol’s ‘Exchange', Hamartia are known to lure rooms full of people into their world of catchy, yet heavy brand of alternative rock with a vice-like grip.
Hamartia have played alongside many promising bands on the UK alternative circuit including Elessar UK, All Ears Avow, For The Oracle and Hypophora.


GETRZ are an indie/alternative 4-piece from Swindon, Wiltshire.

Four walls

Four Walls are a four-piece group from North Bristol. Rob, Josh, and Calun had played in groups before, but it wasn't until Dan joined that Four Walls came to be. Taking the intricate melodies of jazz, psychedelic rock and fusing them with honest lyrics and a hardcore, metallic edge, they are determined to bring their sound to every corner of the Bristol Music scene

Brothers Keeper

Everything else

Everything Else are currently making ground in the South West of England playing energetic, pop-punk shows in a number of venues. With new original songs being added to their sets on a regular basis, Everything Else are a band worth keeping up with.

Everything Else – Pop-Punk from Bristol est.2016