In February last year, Paul walked out on the stage of The Old Vic in Bristol and sang in front of an audience for the first time in 35 years.  Soon after he came to The Thunderbolt and supported lof-fi legend Kid Carpet, before heading out on the road and gigging everywhere from the Isles of Scilly to Berlin.   Having spent his teenage years desperate to be a performing musician, he just stopped doing it and spent the next three decades thinking it would happen tomorrow.  Eventually he realised if he didn’t start now he never would. 

On The Road Not Taken, his play about the agonies and ecstasies of the adventure was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 last year.  Now he is writing a book about the whole thing for the publisher Unbound.  Described as a love story about the transformational power of music, On The Road Not Taken is a bittersweet memoir about a 1970’s childhood juxtaposed with the reality of living the dream in 2016. 

In this intimate show, Paul will be telling stories from the road, stories from childhood and singing the songs that have kept him company on his travels.  Expect energetic, acoustic folk songs about fathers, daughters and Brislington Diamonds. 

What the audience said about On The Road Not Taken on BBC Radio 4

“What an evocative and real journey I have shared... I loved it.”

“Great entertainment, thoroughly enjoyable.”

“Thank you for a piece which echoed so much for me.”

“I so enjoyed it! It transported me back to my own childhood.

Watch Brislington Diamonds:

About On The Road Not Taken:

Paul Dodgson is a writer, musician and producer who has written 16 plays for BBC Radio 4, Eastenders and theatre plays including music and lyrics for 5 musicals that have been commissioned by Tobacco Factory Bristol, Theatre Royal Bath and Nuffield Theatre Southampton.  He has co-written songs with Christine Collister and his music has been featured in many plays and programmes on BBC Radio.

+ Foreign Correspondence.  Folk pop duo sing songs about exes and 80’s films

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Doors Open: 7.45pm  Admission:£7on the Door

Tickets: £6 + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol                                 Tel 0117 9299008