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Rita Lynch has been a part of the UK’s underground music scene for 30 years. Her adopted hometown of Bristol is a key part of her incredible story and development through punk rock, squatting, hard drinking, experimentation, love and loss and some beautiful music. She has made 6 albums in a career where the key motifs are about funnelling emotion and experiences into music and developing her craft so that it becomes a soundtrack to people’s lives. 

The last 2 albums, her guitar has been the powerhouse that drives the songs from start to finish. Her sharp telecaster is simple and primal, her vocals full of fire. The rhythm section of John Langley and Mike Youe push forwards with boundless energy. Continuing the punchiness of 2011’s ‘Crack On’, Lynch’s 2014 album ‘Anti Social’ reveals both wisdom and controlled aggression in sometimes brutal honesty. Each track gives the feeling that writing is still a necessary process for Rita that she simply must pick up a guitar and pour her heart into her songs for fear of bursting. 

Story To Tell’ Anthology 1988 – 2011 released by Bristol Archive Records and distributed nationally by Shellshock in April 2016, have songs like ‘Beautiful Eyes’, ‘Call me your Girlfriend’ and ‘Rolla Coaster’. 

Lynch is wound with the hostility of a typically teen generation. A label for social and political irritation, as much as a rebellious spirit. Lynch’s lyrics, filled with her personal honesty and wisdom born from experience, continues her dissection of life. Questioning age, politics, religion and relationships with a ferociousness that is more defiant than aggressive:. Rita Lynch has survived. Rita Lynch has lived.

Doors Open: 7.30pm  Admission:£5 on the Door

Tickets: £4Adv + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Tel 0117 9299008 www.bristolticketshop.co.uk