JOHN PARISH is a composer / producer / artist / collaborator best known for his work with PJ HARVEY, EELS, GIANT SAND, etc. Over the past fifteen years, he has contributed to nearly fifty albums, toured globally with PJ Harvey, Eels & his own bands, & written & recorded music for film, television & stage. Career highlights include : As artist/co-writer: JOHN PARISH & POLLY JEAN HARVEY – ‘Dance Hall At Louse Point’ (1996) EELS - ‘Souljacker’ (2001) As producer: PJ HARVEY – ‘To Bring You My Love’ (1995) , ‘White Chalk’ (2007) GIANT SAND – ‘Chore Of Enchantment’ (2000), ‘ Is All Over The Map’ (2004) TRACY CHAPMAN – ‘Let It Rain’ (2002) 16 HORSEPOWER – ‘Low Estate’ (1997) SPARKLEHORSE– ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ (2001) TOM BROSSEAU - ‘Cavalier’ (2007) As composer: ROSIE (Belgium 1998, Dir. Patrice Toye). Parish’s score won the Jury Special Appreciation Prize at the 1999 Bonn International Film & Television Music Biennale WALTZ (Netherlands 2006, Dir. Nobert ter Hall) Seven part Circus family drama. Parish has released two solo albums on the internationally respected Chicago label THRILL JOCKEY - ‘How Animals Move’ (2002) - “Its charm just keeps on growing” (**** The Guardian) and ‘Once Upon A Little Time’ (2005) - “Messily infectious, sparsely beautiful & haunting” (The Wire). He has worked extensively in Europe producing albums for French artists DOMINIQUE A and DIONYSOS, Italian artists CESARE BASILE, NADA & AFTER HOURS, and writing and performing music for Belgian theatre groups STAN & DITO DITO. His new album, a collaboration with PJ HARVEY, entitled ‘A Woman A Man Walked By’ will be released on March 30th by Island Records. For a complete list of releases, please visit John's website.