A Little Bit Different...

The Underdog is back for it's second year and we pride ourselves on being a bit different.


SECOND PRIZE: RECORDING  With Ben Capp Sound, worth £600. Our lucky second prize winners will get the chance to work with Ben Capp Sound at his studio based in The Island (Central Bristol) for three full days - giving them plenty of chance to record and mix an EP / demo. Ben Capp has previously worked with the likes of DJ Yoda, Beans on Toast and countless local artists.

THIRD PRIZE: LIVE VIDEOS with Factory Studios, worth £200

Back from The Underdog: 2015, our massive £1,000 of "no strings attached" cash is once again up for grabs. This isn't a dodgy management or recording contract, you're really free to spend the cash on whatever you choose. Recording, Merchandise, Touring, Equipment - whatever your band needs, the choice is yours!

We Pay Bands: Using Musicians Union guidelines, we pay all bands from the first ticket sold. We pay £1 per ticket sold (for the first 20), rising to £2 for any additional tickets sold.

Transparent Prizes: We've carefully selected our prizes to ensure they can be used by bands of all ages / genres, and our prizes do what they say on the tin - no hidden surprises.

Powered by the Local Industry: All our prizes are sourced from within the Bristol music industry, and we use independent companies wherever possible.

Not a Popularity Contest: We use a mix of an audience vote and the opinions of our judges from the local industry to score our bands - this way the most deserving bands win.

Connected With The Bristol Scene: We've been working in the Bristol Music industry for a long time, and always invite our contacts down to our events - it's a great place to network.

No Deposits or Admin Fees: We never use deposits to secure places within The Underdog, and we never charge administration fees on what we pay out to the bands.

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN.  APPLY HEREhttp://underdog.synthetica.co.uk/

Contact Jon Spencer
0117 907 3326 // 07468 218 475