The Junies first existed from 1983 to 1986, and helped to shape what has since become known as Indie-pop. They made some great records, and they made some people very happy. And now they're back...

The new June Brides three-track EP "She Seems Quite Free" is now available to order direct from Occultation Recordings in the UK and  from Slumberland in the USA, and from selected independent record shops and mail order.  It is strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide, and is not available on CD.

Yes it’s great. Of course it’s great, it’s The June Brides.” Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture (UK)

 “…a song that summons the breeze, the surf and the graceful leaps of a joyful heart”. Alex Green, Stereo Embers Magazine (USA)

…three rollicking slices of pop glory” A Pessimist is Never Disappointed (USA).

…It’s brilliant!” Alistair Fitchett, Unpopular (UK).

…as if 20 years never passed….their spirit remains intact” Dublab (USA).

“…a joyous listen, clean, playful guitars and their signature coy trumpets returning in force to reaffirm their boundless influence.” Paddy Clarke, Get Into This (UK)

…has the same freshness and enthusiasm as they had 30 years ago…”  Magicrpm (France)

Tickets: £7Adv + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Tel 0117