USHTI BABA:Banging out stomping Balkan beats, heart wrenching Celtic melodies to live Jungle/DnB/Dupstep beatbox. Gypsy Jungle Turbo Folkstep, raucous foot stomping good times!

Formed in November 2012, now an 8 piece band comprising of Sparrow Middleton, Jack Salt, Samuel MacDougall, Ursula 'Beastly' Billington, Berry Garnet, Hen-rah Edmonds, Sam G and Simon von Alexander. Early 2013 saw a jam-packed string of raucous performances around Bristol, and now the Babas are in full festival swing - you can catch them at a festival pretty much every weekend this summer!

LOUNGE CAT IDEALS:Born in the midst of a biting Bristolian winter, when a rag tag kindle of kittens huddled round a wood fire and began making their first primitive sounds to keep their tiny paws from shivering. Taking heed from the uptempo gypsy rhythm heard beneath the crackles on Papa’s gramophone, the band grew to create their own sound, weaving strands of 20’s swing with a thread of stomping blues.



This group of psychotic delinquents were drawn together for their love of Gypsy-Punk. After hearing 'Squeeze Mc'Apples' beating a hobo kit to within an inch of it's life. 'Chief' realized that he'd found the box basher. He began to feel mad with power, travelling from destination to destination trying to find that "new high".... not after long he found himself in Ukraine, Odessa to be specific.. making bootleg drugs on a zebra crossing, which is were he met his trusty violinist 'The Ukrainian Crack-Fox'... Travelling back through Lithuania they found a noble gent by the name of Haskinski and twas complete.... They kidnapped him, he was just too gentlemanly to complain.

The Railway Sleepers combine elements of Gypsy, Ska, Punk and Swing to create a sound only to be described as "Pickled-Swing".

Doors Open: 7.45pm  Admission:£6 on the Door

Tickets: £5Adv + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Tel 0117 9299008