All Ears Avow
Goodbye The Sunset
Naomi Rush

£3adv £4OTD
Doors: 7.30pm

All Ears Avow began in early 2013. They devised their own brand of alternative rock, dipping their toes into pop punk and also heavier styles with melodic choruses and fist pumping anthems that leave crowds begging for more. The quartet quickly began gigging around the UK supporting major acts including DECADE, THE COMPUTERS, EMPIRE, VERSUS and JOHNA MATRANGA (FAR) as well as performances in Berlin, Barcelona and headlining the Pomme Stage at the renowned WYCHWOOD FESTIVAL. 

All Ears Avow are now embarking on their UK Tour alongside the release of their debut album, Get in the game. Get down to the Thunderbolt, Bristol for a cracking night!

Goodbye The Sunset are a 4-piece Pop-Punk/Alternative band from Bristol, UK combining fast pasted beats with seamless guitars and catchy choruses. Forming as a whole band in the Summer of 2014 they quickly established themselves on the scene with show alongside veteran bands such as Syren City, A Year Today, Highlives, Weak Knees and The Summer War. In April 2015 the band released their first E.P entitled Wolves Of Summer and are currently playing shows around the UK to cement that release. 

Freefall are Cheltenham based Pop Punk.
"This female-fronted gang are a group in their own right, and though they hail their influences heavily they have successfully created a stand out debut that carves out their own sound, that cannot simply be compared to others work and sets them up for a bright and hopefully successful future." - TOXIC Online 

Naomi Rush
"Naomi Rush is not someone I’ve come across before but on the basis of this debut EP she may well be making a decent name for herself in time to come.

‘Pixel Poetry’ is a small collection of songs written by the lady herself and sung in a throaty and dark manner.

She bears repeated listening as the music definitely has hooks and when she sings pleadingly “My blood doesn’t move the way I want it to, my veins are starved of the thrill” you begin to involuntarily shrink a little as her vocals resonate somewhere deep inside." - Andy Snipper @