Franklin Mint
Locally situated, exciting, mature four-piece with big hits will take you on a ride. Dark tales a speciality with nothing considered too odd and although not always a happy ending, 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Roll up, roll up, all the fun of the fair - Downfall bring you in your face ROCK n ROLL with powerhouse drumming, thumping bass lines, soaring guitars and gritty vocals. Imagine Stone Sour meets Black Stone Cherry meets Black Label Society meets Bullet down a dark alley on a darker night. Throw in some sleaze metal bite and you have Downfall.
Sometimes things happen for a reason and then there was Downfall

Nycosia are a young progressive metal band writing original inspired riffs with clean female vocals and performing covers not usually heard.
They have played gigs with some great bands such as Black light Machine and Sansara. In December they are playing the Gloucester Headbangers Balls Gig.

Kinasis, a multi faceted, technical, extreme-metal band from the south-west of the UK, re-defining the rule book of what is possible in their passionate, brutal and often haunting compositions.

The band are a collective of talented musical explorers, unbound by any single metal sub-genre, avoiding all trends and perceived scene 'rules'. Often walking the fine line between noise and music, chaos and order; Kinasis mix death metal, thrash and grind-core influences with more contemporary metal to create a unique, uncompromising brand of extreme metal which transcends any current metal subgenre/classification and appeals to a wide range of metal fans. A blend of brutality and melody, technicality and groove; Kinasis songs are almost exclusively in oddtime and contain complex and intricate arrangements. Mosh-pit friendly hooks abound throughout, occasional blast beats add to the sheer brutality of it all. The band's ferociously tight delivery makes them a force to be reckoned with

*** Doors open 7.30pm  ***£5Adv  £7 on the Door