Embodiment are a tech metal band from SW England. Incorporating neoclassical lead guitar into the tech metal genre, they deliver a crushing combination of melody and brutality.

Brocken Spectre 
Brocken Spectre are a tech metal power trio from Hereford. We've been playing together for just over a year and have played a number of successful gigs in Hereford and Bristol. We're currently working on our first ep which should be out before the end of 2014. We're heavily influenced by progressive music of all genres, particularly heavier bands such as Chimp Spanner, Blotted Science, Meshuggah and Animals As Leaders and our sound ends up being a blend of everything we listen to. We also like disco beats and cats, both of which feature in our music fairly often.

Larynxed are a young two piece band comprising guitar and drums whose music spans various genres of Rock music. With elements of Alternative Rock, Metal and Punk they create a heavy, energetic and interesting sound much more intense than the minimal instrumentation would suggest. Larynxed offer powerful drum beats, heavy, thick and distorted guitar tones and raw but melodic vocals on top. We are influenced by bands such as Queens Of the Stone Age, Drenge, Black Flag, Nirvana, Royal Blood and Black Sabbath to name a few

Rumbling Hoof
4 old mates got done with 25 years of f@cking around and formed the band they meant to rock the world with in 1989. Turns out we're in better shape than most of our idols. We did a good thing. Imagine The Almighty meeting The Wildhearts meeting Rancid on the way to see Motorhead 

*** Doors open 7.30pm  ***£5Adv  £7 on the Door