THE JACQUES: Four kids, two brothers apiece. All friends from their teens, form a band and start to make a noise, first around the Bristol area where they are based, then, rather quickly, elsewhere. Hyde Park on the day of the Libertines big show sees them take down the tent metaphorically, later in the day it will be taken down and closed literally. Then Amsterdam, Glastonbury and, as this summer progresses, North, South, East and West of the UK will be added to the list.

At the centre of this band of brothers, (again metaphorically in addition to literally) stands Fin Jacques. Lyricist and songwriter at a young age, music is one string to a bow that encompasses fine art and poetry. With the air of Dorian Gray and flanked by the piratical Jake Jacques, slashing at his guitar one part Steve Cook to two parts Wilko Johson and embued with the looseness of Keef, this centrifugal joint force sits atop the admirable steadiness of rhythm section Oli Jacque and Eliot Jacque, the bedrock that allows these two true romantics to meld melodies of beauty amid words that soothe and bite in equal measure.

Debut EP ‘Pretty DJ’ spate sonorous bile in the face of fashionable music types and earned the band serious kudos from the DJs (Huey Morgan, Chris Hawkins, Don Letts) and the scribes, Clash offering ‘Ray Davies at his most acerbic, Weller at his most romantic’, Sabotage Times declaring them the band to lead a guitar revival. Follow up ‘Artful Dodger’ delivered four more tracks that saw Phil Taggart and Huw Stephens climb aboard whilst widening their sonic palette to the dub infused ‘Painkiller’ and, in ‘This Is England’, a proper state of the nation moment via its call and response chorus, dropped amid the wreckage of Cameron’s improbable return to Downing Street. 


For those so young it is exceptional that, in spite of such early attention, The Jacques debut album will not be with us until 2016, a conscious decision made by all to ensure that it is a classic. Prior to that expect a new single to follow the summer’s jaunts and Autumn dates across the UK and Europe, with a return to Amsterdam accompanied by a first trip to Germany where the two debut EPs will comprise a Maxi-Ep release with the dubbed, in true double edged Jacques style, ‘Die Pop Muzik’.

Doors Open: 7.45pm

Prices: To be confirmed!