THE PROSIACS + Fourth Engine + In Palms + Alex Calver



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•• The Prosaics ••

Booted in Dr Martens, upcoming artist: 'The Prosaics' revamps 80s synths and Morrissey-esque lyrics, into modern indie-pop hits. 

Songs of English grit and whimsy paint the slate skies and drizzle of the industrial Medway Towns (as the Northern 'mad-chester' scene did some 30 years ago). 

Frontman A.G. Williams' baritone voice croons scathing and darkly humorous observations of a tiresome world, infested with fickle television 'idols', political despair and chart music. 

With his talented band, the trio have headlined and performed at various festivals and venues across the UK, alongside esteemed acts such as The Magic Gang, The Amazons, Mystery Jets etc. Their following in the local scene is constantly growing and they are thought of as a group with a bright future ahead. The band appeared on tour in the Summer of 2018 following the launch of their self-titled debut EP in Camden (singles from which can be found on Spotify, iTunes etc) and their full album 'COLDSAW' is scheduled for release in 2019.

The Prosaics songs are far from prosaic. In fact they're hardly prosaic at all...

For fans of: For fans of: Blossoms, Martin L. Gore (Depeche Mode), The Smiths, Noah & The Whale, The Killers, Joy Division, The Wombats, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Elbow

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•• Fourth Engine ••

Fourth Engine are synth-pop duo Russ Dallen (Engine 1) & Rachel Trimble (Engine 2).

Hailing from Bristol, their emotive lyrics and passionate vocals merge seamlessly with classic 80s synth roots and more recent dancefloor influences to form a musical soundscape which is at once melancholy and thoughtful, yet also uplifting and edgy. 

Formed in 2015, their debut EP “Breakdown” – released in 2016 – covered such concepts as self awareness, psychological emasculation, and the fickle and shallow nature of the pop music industry. The pair made their live debut at The Tunnels in Bristol, in February 2018, at the launch of local synth-rockers Sinestar’s third studio album “A Million Like Us”, and have been gigging both released and new material around Bristol and beyond since. They are currently working on new material for their first album.

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•• In Palms ••

Starting in the early summer of 2017, Irish-born Ryan Gillian steered away from previous bands in Bath to start his solo dreampop project. Gillian spent the summer crafting music that would become the residents of a solid debut repertoire. A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, Gillian wears his influences on his sleeve (think Wild Nothing, The War On Drugs, From Indian Lakes) yet creates entirely new worlds within his ethereal dream pieces. 

Growing up in and around the coasts of Belfast, the raw beauty of the northern Irish landscape is reflected in the sincerity of his vocal deliveries, which soar over the pacific atmosphere of the music. 

When recording, Gillian becomes every band member: drummer, bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, singer and everything in between. Having taught himself piano and drums at an early age, his meticulous and often introspective songwriting skills developed hand-in-hand with his passion for multiple instruments.

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•• Alex Calver ••

Slam fanatic Alex Calver, has been dominating the South West with his poetry for the last two years, before branching out across the UK, performing alongside some of the biggest names in the country.

Turning heads across the UK, through performing at Edinburgh Fringe's acclaimed BBC Slam, Raise The Bar's Annual Showcase, Shambala Festival and the Roundhouse Slam, Alex's poetry takes you on a journey into the very core of his being before casting you back into a slightly more woeful reality.

#indiepop #janglepop #synthpop #indierock #80s 

Doors Open: 7.30pm Admission: £5 on the Door

Tickets: £4 + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, High Street, Bristol Tel 0117 9299008

GHOSTWEED + The Swamp Pigs


GHOSTWEED: Songs you forgot you loved, plus some you never remembered. Covers, originals, rock, rhythm, blues. Hints of jazz and classical. Undertones of country and folk. A finish of fun.

SWAMPPIGS: They play just plain ol' hillbilly with a plain ol' country style !


Doors Open: 7.30pm Admission: £5 on the Door

Tickets: £4 + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, High Street, Bristol Tel 0117 9299008







TYPAN: Bristol Alt Rockers building a loyal local following!

Doors Open: 7.30pm Admission: £5 on the Door

Tickets: £4 + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, High Street, Bristol Tel 0117 9299008

Catch 22 Presents; WHITE LION PARADE + Agoraphobia + Flowerpot

Bristol White Lion Parade.jpg

An amazing triple header of rock bands presented by Catch 22 Promotions!

White Lion Parade stem from an evolution of music over years of experience. They have progressed into a band that flirts with many different styles and links there musical influences from 'Deftones 'Nirvana', and from more recent times UK post hardcore bands 'Devil Sold His Soul' and 'Rinoa'. It's clear that WLP are trying to create new, easy listening music for the Hard Rock / Metal conneseur, that not only suprises the listener but takes them on a journey.

Award winning Spanish rockers Agoraphobia have garage rock in their blood. They visit the UK for the first time hot on the heels of their acclaimed debut LP “Incoming Noise”. Agoraphobia is a band on the rise with an incredible, powerful live show.

With a multitude of influence a from Guns & Roses to Halestorm, and Muse to Crobot, Flowerpot is a young energetic 4 piece infusing intricate drum beats, catchy slashing guitar riffs, thumping heavy bass lines and powerful melodic vocals to produce an exciting and new sound in the world of rock.

Ticket Link (Eventbrite) -

EP Launch: MISS KILL + Deep Sea Wolves + The Respites + Grandmas House


Miss Kill First EP Launch

Two killer sisters with innocent young minds, morph into a dark, moody 90s grunge persona whenever you see them. They create provoking songs as well as being soulful, with added melodic and raw feels. They aim to be an eye-opener to their audience and are cooler than you'll ever be. They hint at personal aspects within their songs as well as spewing out the heavy explicit sing alongs that you can dive right into.
Influences: Nirvana, Placebo, Pearl Jam, The Vines, Hole, The Subways and many more...

With support from Deep Sea Thieves

Bristol based rock trio Deep Sea Thieves bring a mix of punchy, hard-hitting riffs and dreamy undertones.

The Respites

Former Pocket Trees frontman LJ and ex Towers Of London/The Prodigy/Sham 69 drummer Snell bring together their infusion of grunge/rock and metal dietary requirements to satisfy all of your brown note, low end, downtuned desert rock, grunge riffing sludgery needs.

Loud bits, quiet bits, very loud bits, very quiet bits, heavy guitars and crashing drums meet crashing guitars and heavy drums.

Deftones meets Soundgarden meets Sepultura meets Nirvana meets Kyuss meets QOTSA down a dark alley while stray cats look on and caress their whiskers in veiled approval and tramps urinate themselves excitedly in grunge glee.

Grandmas House

Bristol based surfy post punk 3 piece.

Tickets £4
£5 OTD
(Message one of the bands to be on their personal cheap list)







£5 ADV £6 OTD 

⭐️ELZA PARISA⭐️With influences varying from Ella Fitzgerald to Erykah Badu and D’Angelo, Elza Patricija Parisa sings and writes neo-soul music with a heavy groove and strong jazz influence. She will pacify your soul with her honesty; her heartfelt and passionate vocals will make you feel. Accompanied by talented musicians - her bandmates, they deliver a performance so confident and driven it will resonate in your bones and won’t let you stand still.

Always shining with happiness. Elza Patricija with her champagne like personality writes music that is overfilled with honesty and passion. Get lost in bits of her laughter!

⭐️CHRISSIE HUNTLEY⭐️ Influenced by the likes of Lianne La Havas, NAO and Jessie Ware; and inspired by real-life, raw emotion and making memories with her audiences- Chrissie Huntley is a fresh and genuine soul-pop style singer-songwriter based in Bristol. From infectious, funk-filled sing-alongs, to melodic, soulful R&B ballads- Chrissie and her powerful backing band create a warming and spellbinding soundscape, guaranteed to have your ears captivated from the very first note.

⭐️JAMES FUSSELL AND THE NORTH STREET BAND⭐️Alternative punk/indierock 4 piece from Bristol playing original material. Quirky, intelligent lyrics, think Morrisey fused with the Libertines, a blonde chick on the drums and Slash on lead guitar... 

⭐️ANGELA JONES⭐️Angela Jones is an 19-year-old singer-songwriter with an effortlessly breezy jazzy voice and a warm free-spirited sound; Angela’s sound is reminiscent of Lianne La Havas’ freeing vocals and interesting guitar arrangements to Corrine bailey rays uplifting carefree musical disposition, as well as drawing influences across genres, all in all creating a sound that is both modern and nostalgic.

⭐️GEORGE JOHNSON⭐️Young dashing singer songwriter

SONIC SUNRISE + Hicktown Breakout + The Mudheads + Deep Sea Thieves


SONIC SUNRISE : These indie poppers are possibly Bristol's best dressed rockers, their fun full-on stage style and joyful panache with guitars making for a cracking good time every time we've seen them!

Doors Open: 7.30pm Admission: £5 on the Door

Tickets: £4 + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, High Street, Bristol Tel 0117 9299008

Empire presents: "THE PLASTIC FREE SEA SESSIONS" Fundraiser!



Must go to event of their autumn! I want to raise money for surfers against sewage we have to get plastic out of the ocean. So I’m putting on a event. Thanks to Sophie and David at the thunderbolt we have the venue for free. Massive thank you .
There will be live music and a raffle with some awesome prices including;
* A tattoo session from the amazing Tasha brooks, 
* A wonderful sport massage from healing body tonic, 
* A voucher for mouth watering fondue night at the malago restaurant north street, Southville, 
* A designer one off original jacket from the amazing wanderlust range, 
tattoo removal sessions from skilful pro clinic.
*A express voucher with Leanne at the fabulous hair and beauty salon 2BU on wells road.
And a cut and blow dry also at B2U
*A family photoshoot from the talented Darren Shepard at
A make up session with the excellent Ruby at
A delicious brunch and coffee for 2 at tincan north street.
A gorgeous framed photo of Bristol from Jodie Hayes photography 


men sold out.jpg


The Men They Couldn’t Hang are a British rock band whose mixture of folk and punk is totally infectious. They are still as good as ever after over 30 years of raising hope, hackles and hellfire through the street corners and country lanes of Britain and beyond! Coming together as penniless buskers they played their first show in Camden Town in 1984 alongside the legendary Pogues as both an accident and a laugh – a philosophy that still holds true a lot of the time. Their music is not dissimilar in many ways. Added to that earthy humour and vitality has grown an explosive collision of folk and rock and an implacable social conscience that has seen them thrill and inspire 3 generations of concert goers with their euphoric blend of material.

Admission: £20 on the Door

Tickets: £18Adv + bf from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street Bristol Tel 01179299008



GLORIA (French Psyche Girl Group from Paris)


Gloria is psych girl group from France, leaded by a trio of female singers and founded by producer/guitarist Kid Victrola. Like a family chasing the sixties lost paradise, trying to unravel the mystery of ancients girl pop,  Gloria plays folk, pop, garage, like in a fuzz and harmonies cooking pot. They bring together the Shangri La’s and the Small Faces, along with Motown and 90’s indie pop.

After a their critically acclaimed first LP in late 2016 (In Excelsis Stereo- Howlin’ Banana records), Gloria comes back with a new 6-tracks EP : Oidophon Echorama. Wich means deafening show of voices sounds – 6 tracks of psych pop, rock and country blues – or isn’t it jut pop music ? – curving space time for a trip in the vintage of the future.

 Doors Open: 7.30pm Admission: £7 on the Door

Tickets: £6 + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, High Street, Bristol Tel 0117 9299008



MILES HUNT - The Custodian Tour 2018 ** SOLD OUT**


Miles Hunt: The Custodian Tour. 2018

The Wonder Stuff’s Miles Hunt embarks on a solo acoustic tour of the UK in October this year under the guise of The Custodian. With a back catalogue of over two hundred self penned songs to choose from, written over the last four decades, Hunt says that the idea of becoming The Custodian came from a conversation with one of his musical heroes.

I was in New York a few years back and was invited to guest at a Tom Robinson solo show. Tom has long been an inspiration to me and given the opportunity to perform with him... well, lets just say I couldn’t polish my boots quick enough. During our brief rehearsal together on the afternoon of the show Tom asked me who I felt now owned the songs that I have written over all these years. I answered that whoever the publishing company I signed with probably did, but ultimately, I did. Tom was quick to correct me pointing out that all of my songs now belonged to my audience. Going on to explain that the songs I have written have been part of the sound track to thousands of people’s live and it is those people that now truly own them. He said that my position was now of The Custodian, the person who’s job it is to see that the songs are treated and performed with the respect the audiences deserve. It was an incredibly important thing to have said to me and something I have not and will not ever forget.”

With this in mind Hunt has rehearsed over sixty of his best loved compositions to perform in chronological order on his upcoming UK tour.

There are a couple of songs from the back catalogue that I just couldn’t bring myself to sing again. Either a lazy or nonsense lyric, or just a rotten set of chords. When you’ve been at it as long as I have I don’t think anyone could expect a 100% strike rate. But really there are only two or three songs I would prefer no to revisit.”

As well as performing songs Hunt will also be reading a handful of excerpts from his three acclaimed books, ‘The Wonder Stuff Diaries’.

I’m so very thankful to my younger self for keeping hand written diaries during the early years of The Wonder Stuff’s activities. I’m fortunate that I do have a pretty decent memory of what went on in those days, but to have the actual voice from the past, recorded on the page, to tell me straight how things were and how I felt about what was going on, well, I would like to buy that young man a beer for having the foresight to give such a gift to his elder self.”

Doors Open: 7.30pm Admission:£12on the Door

Tickets: £10 + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Tel 0117 9299008

A.G Promotions Presents - THE ORANGE SKIES + The Strays + Rain Children + 50 Year Storm + CS Fly


THE ORANGE SKIES: In late February 2018, Ethan (rhythm guitar/vocals), Dylan (lead guitar/vocals), Joey (bass guitar/vocals), and George (drums) met to form a band. Ethan and Dylan showed off with pride the songs they had already written, songs like Jimmy Johnny Jenny, Vivian Albert, and the Prophecy of St Peter, songs with influences everywhere within the rock genre, from the Beatles to the Stone Roses, the Velvet Underground to Chuck Berry. With the addition of songs like Oh My and Rockin’ Chair, and Joey joining the writing fold with Blood of Heroes, the band began to gather speed, and played their first gig in late April, at the Colston Hall in Bristol. With 5 gigs now under their belt, and 6 more yet to come, this band’s only trajectory is up.

THE STRAYS: The Strays ethos is simple, to produce vibrant, exciting music that people just want to move to, with a nod to vintage style and rock and roll, topped with a modern gritty vibe. Energy, power and fun is the driving factor and this is apparent in their performance style, which is larger than life, interactive, and deliciously unpredictable.

After smashing onto the scene and releasing their debut EP in April 2017, the Cheltenham based Garage Rock n Roll band were endorsed by Vocalzone and featured as ones to watch in UK Rock n Roll Magazine.

2018 saw the release of their eagerly awaited second EP ‘Brand New Day’ coupled with a support slot on Republica’s reunion tour and a packed UK festival schedule. Next stop is a featured spot on the BBC Introducing stage at Witney Music Festival and a run of support slots for Daniel Wakeford. All this plus the band being immortalised in a worldwide release of the Garage Band card game means the only way is up for these raucous rock n roll rebels.

RAIN CHILDREN : Rain Children are a wide lens, cinematic expression of Gothic music, both contemporary and nostalgic. They combine classic song writing with a tension and drama that is uniquely their own.


C S FLY: Groove-rock power trio from Bristol. Their sound blends rock, soul, blues, R&B, a touch of funk, a pinch of country… as reflects their influences – everything from J J Cale to Creedence, the Stones to the Stooges, Ann Peebles to Alabama Shakes.

Doors Open: 7.30pm Admission: £6 on the Door

Tickets: £5 + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, High Street, Bristol Tel 0117 9299008

THE LIBERATORS/ Hollow Trees / Deep Sea Thieves


Round 3! Pay Day weekend & the official countdown to Christmas!
Hollow Trees & Deep Sea Thieves coming to join us again!

Doors Open: 7.30pm Admission: £5 on the Door

Tickets: £4 + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, High Street, Bristol Tel 0117 9299008

SPEAKING IN TONGUES (Talking Heads Tribute)



Speaking in Tongues are the UK's premier tribute to Talking Heads.

Speaking In Tongues recreate the spectacle of Talking Heads at their peak, playing hits from ‘Stop Making Sense’, the seminal concert film, as well as groundbreaking songs such as "Once in a Lifetime", "Girlfriend is Better", "This Must Be The Place", "Blind", "Psycho Killer", "Burning Down The House", "Road To Nowhere" and more.

Talking Heads were an American new wave and avant-garde band formed in 1975 in New York City and active until 1991. The band comprised David Byrne (lead vocals and guitar),Chris Frantz (drums and backing vocals), Tina Weymouth (bass and backing vocals) and Jerry Harrison(keyboards, guitar, and backing vocals).The new wave style of Talking Heads combined elements of punk rock, art rock, avant-garde, pop, funk, world music, and Americana.

Singer Chris Apthomas gives his own unique take on the geeky frontman, adding to the driving rhythms and funky grooves to produce a 'Once in a Lifetime' experience!

Tonight they we'll be playing all of the '77' album, and all of 'Remain in Light' too!

."..this absolutely bang on reconstruction of the many faces of Talking Heads would surely merit a benign nod from the great Mr Byrne himself.” The Canteen, Bristol

Doors Open: 7.30pm Admission:£10 on the Door

Tickets: £9Adv + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Tel 0117 9299008

AG Presents; OLLIE BARTON & THE MOVEMENT +Awakening Savannah + Wisenheimer + Fall From Ruin + Spiral Key


🙌OLI BARTON & THE MOVEMENT🙌 This band are the sound of tomorrow played today, inspired by yesterday to reach next week, inspiring next month. Whether it be the BBC, the indie press or their mass of incredible fans, everyone is in agreement; if you don’t know Oli Barton & The Movement, then you know nothing.

Much is said about Oli, the leader of the group. What is true is that he is a MENSA certified genius, hardcore animal rights activist and among the most gifted entertainers of his generation. Nourished by the spirit of Syd Barrett laying dormant inside of him, the eccentricity and talent of his writing is often imitated, never paralleled but always enjoyed.

Amongst the talents in the group are the unstoppable Ryan Wilson and Jamal Lagoon on guitars, Marco Paone (the Italian Stallion) on bass and Josh Needham’s talents for thrashing bare skin. Needless to say, the Movement are the future of British music. Tortured, menacing, kinky, smart, and as deliriously entertaining as watching an elephant juggling bowling balls riding a tricycle, rest assured Oli Barton & The Movement can be put firmly next to the greats. Make sure to watch them as they assert their place in the pantheon of great British acts.

⭐️AWAKENING SAVANNAH⭐️ Original hard rock band from Swindon. Formed in 2017 this hard rock three piece have worked hard In the studio to create a show that will convert any non rock believer into a guitar worshipping disciple!!!

With influences from Black Sabbath, Stone Sour and Biffy clyro to name but a few their heavy guitar riffs, deep baselines, insane drumming coupled with some melodic acoustics and dark lyrics make Awakening Savannahs adaptable original rock sound well worth a look this year!!!

⭐️WISENHEIMER⭐️3 piece garage rock from Herefordshire writing originals, influence by indie rock , post punk revival , ska. 

⭐️FALL FROM RUIN⭐️ Hailing from Swindon/Lyneham Wiltshire Fall From Ruin are hard/melodic rock outfit taking influences from the likes of dream theater, lamb of god, black stone cherry and alter bridge amongst other similar bands.
To us music is all about having soaring bass lines and chunky guitar riffs to get you hooked and powerful drums. 

⭐️SPIRAL KEY⭐️ UK-based symphonic progressive metal band formed in 2012, specializing in melodic, thoughtful and heavy music, exploring diverse themes often with a subtly dark sense of humour. Their second album 'An Error of Judgement' was released January 2018, distributed through Pride And Music and features many guest appearances. The album is attracting some excellent reviews in music publications, blogs and web-zines across Europe, the UK and the USA.

Doors Open: 7.00pm Admission: £ 6on the Door

Tickets: £5 + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, High Street, Bristol Tel 0117 9299008









Mark Morriss (The Bluetones)

Best known as the frontman in The Bluetones, Mark Morriss released his debut solo album Memory Muscle on June 2, 2008. Getting his hands dirty with his own set of songs has been an inspiring experience for Morriss, who started trying them out acoustically at open mic nights in London way back in 2004. 'I'd just turn up with my guitar, play five or six songs, along with everyone else. I didn't want any special favours, and just enjoyed the experience of stripping things right back down' - Morriss.

Chris Helme (The Seahorses) First rose to prominence as the front man of John Squire's post-Stone Roses band 'The Seahorses' released his brand new solo album on the 27th of August 2012. Still rightfully remembered for the anthemic Britpop classics 'Love Is The Law' and 'Blinded By The Sun' - songs that evoked everything the 90's stood for, the excitement, the culture and the bands that provided a voice in a period of political and social imbalance. Present day societal context may well in fact mirror those times but the man himself, now, appears cut from an entirely different cloth.

Helmes has an enviable back catalogue, bolstered further by his acclaimed works with The Yards, but it's his latest offering The Rookery's knack for melody and imaginative, intricate, three-way guitar interplay that brings each track to such lush, blossoming, climaxes. Add to this Helme's keen ear for arranging and those brooding string passages resonate even more deeply.

NIGEL CLARK: Bass playing vocalist with Britpop hitmakers Dodgy, Nigel is also a singer songwriter in his own right, with a more mature, introspective side emerging.

Doors Open: 7.30pm Admission: £19 on the Door

Tickets: £15 + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, High Street, Bristol Tel 0117 9299008



The Emperials are a long running major force on the UK’s Ska scene with a live reputation for fun, entertaining, professional and very lively shows.

With an 8 piece line up; the rock solid drums, pounding bass, skanking guitar and Hammond keyboard provide the basis of the band, with the tightest and most energetic brass section in the land adding the blasting horn lines, all topped off by versatile lead & backing vocals.

With a set consisting of our own take on classic ska songs, from the days of 2tone, Trojan and Studio One, we never fail to fill a venue, get the dance floor packed and the crowds singing, dancing and shouting for more.

Doors Open: 7.45pm  Admission:£7 on the Door

Tickets: £6 + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol                               Tel 0117 9299008



Battlemoose charity gig. All profits going to Paul's Place Charity.

Advanced tickets: £2.50 (Please follow link below to Bristol Ticket Shop)
Tickets available on the door: £4.00


After 27 years the Birmingham based cult skiffle cow-punk band Terry and Gerry are reforming for a tour in honour of their biggest fan, the late John Peel. They will be playing all over the country in February/March 2017

BBC disc jockey and avid fan John Peel promoted the band when apparently by chance he picked out their demonstration tape because his wife’s best friends were also known as Terry and Gerry. He thought the coincidence was too great to ignore! The band recorded four critically acclaimed sessions for the John Peel show and got a very fond mention in his autobiography.

In the mid-eighties the four piece band released six singles and one album. ‘From Lubbock to Clintwood East’: Each went to Number One in the indie charts. Reviewing their single on Radio One Morrissey declared ‘I love it!! Don’t know why!!’ The band toured extensively in the UK, Europe and America gathering fans from Joe Strummer of ‘The Clash’ to Shane MacGowan from ‘The Pogues’.

Terry and Gerry regularly appeared on radio and TV, including sessions for ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test’ and ‘The Tube’, they wrote numerous theme tunes for Central TV and were the subject of a 30 minute documentary by the legendary film maker Norman Hull, which aired on British Television in July 1986.

Still as energetic and vibrant as ever they continue to chronicle the lives of the people from the city they love, Birmingham.

Doors Open: 7.30pm Admission:£10 on the Door

Tickets: £9 + BF from Bristol Ticket Shop, Union Street, Bristol Tel 0117 9299008